Tango: from brothels to concert halls

Concerto no Café Filosófico da CPFL Cultura de Campinas

Photo: Thais Fernando

Release: The Tango is a musical genre born in the brothels of Buenos Aires at the end of the nineteenth century. The flute and the guitar are one of the main instruments in this genre. During the century, the style was undergoing changes, such as adding instruments ( like bandoneon, for example) and the expansion of musical language. The Duo Pereira and Oliveira (formed by the flutist Cesar Pereira and the guitar player Diogo Oliveira) makes a presentation that goes through traditional tangos, works by Astor Piazzolla (who was primarily responsible for the stylistic expansion of the genre) and Máximo Diego Pujol.

Concert Program:


Carlos Gardel e Alfredo Le Pera: Por Una Cabeza


Astor Piazzolla: History of Tango

                             Bordel 1900

                             Café 1930

                             Nightclub 1960

                             Concert d'aujourd'hui


Astor Piazzolla: Vuelvo al Sur, Oblivion


Máximo Diego Puyol: Suite Buenos Aires 



                                            San Telmo





Photo (Background): Tatiana Ferro