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Bachelor of Music in Classical Guitar from the Unicamp (Campinas city), São Paulo, where he studied with Doctors Fábio Scarduelli and Marcos Cavalcante. In São Paulo he studied with the Master guitarrist Fabio Zanon from 2009 to 2012. In 2014 Diogo received a Masters in Classical Guitar Performance from the University of Alicante (Spain), where he studied with the world´s most renowned guitarists including David Russell, Manuel Barrueco, Paul Odette, Ignacio Rodes, Hopkinson Smith, Fábio Zanon, Roberto Aussel e Shin-Ichi Fukuda


In addition, Diogo has performed in masterclasses in the Winter Festival of Campos do Jordão (editions 2010 and 2011), where has taken lessons with international concert artists including Zoran Dukić, Michael Lewin and José Antonio Escobar.


He has given recitals throughout Brazil and South America, such as Campinas (Carlos Gomes Room, Theater Cultural and Social Center Lake House – University of Campinas), Sorocaba (Fundec Room), Curitiba (III Academic Symposium of Guitar - EMBAP - Theater José Maria Santos), Jundiaí (Polytheama Theater), Santos (SESC - Mostra de Cordas Dedilhadas) and São Paulo (MASP Guitar Series). In 2013 he was invited to participate in the III Flute Bariloche’s International Festival in Argentina, where he played with the flutist Miguel Angel Villanueva.


As an orchestral soloist, he played with the University of Campinas Symphonic Orchestra and Symphonic Orchestra of Sorocaba.


Has was a finalist of the II International Guitar Competition Vital Medeiros (Suzano - SP) in 2009. He was also a finalist in the first edition of the International Guitar Competition "Barrios WorldWideWeb Competition" held in Asunción, Paraguay in December 2009.



Flute and Guitar


In 2008 he formed the flute and guitar duo "Pereira and Oliveira Duo" with flutist Cesar Pereira. Together they have performed throughout São Paulo, giving concerts in Tatuí (1st Week of Chamber Music and Ensemble, Theater Procopio Ferreira), Sorocaba (Room Fundec), São Paulo (Series Musicalis ), Campinas (Unicamp's Institute of Arts and Science Center, Arts and Letters of Campinas - CCLA) and Itu (2nd International Festival of Flute). They have also been broadcast on Radio MEC "Guitars in Focus", Rio de Janeiro and on national television for “Pré-Estréia” on TV Cultura.



Guitar and Percussion

Since 2012 he has worked with the percussionist Denilson de Paula. Creating their own unique arrangements, the duo´s repertoire covers many styles of Brazilian popular music including Choro, Samba, Baião, Bossa Nova and Afro - Samba.





Foto: Leticia Kamada

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